The Golem X11 Window Manager


You have to download these themes seperately - if you want to use them. Please send contributions to Thanks :)

aCow Screenshot
aCow by Hiroyuki Ikezoe (
Alberto Screenshot
Alberto by Dale Marks (
Alberto Dark Screenshot
Alberto Dark by Dale Marks (
Aubergine Screenshot
Aubergine by P. I. Julius (
Basic Screenshot
Basic by P. I. Julius (
BeOS Screenshot
BeOS by Joshua Swink
BlackLine Screenshot
BlackLine by Dale Marks (
BlueBase Screenshot
BlueBase by Dale Marks (
BlueishGreen Screenshot
BlueishGreen by Joshua Swink
BlueWinter Screenshot
BlueWinter by Chris Golda
Boxed Screenshot
Boxed by P. I. Julius (
Blacker Than Black Screenshot
Blacker Than Black by Dale Marks (
Blacker Than Black Corners Screenshot
Blacker Than Black Corners by Dale Marks (
CyanStars Screenshot
CyanStars by Dale Marks (
Dawn Screenshot
Dawn by P. I. Julius (
Focused Screenshot
Focused by P. I. Julius (
ForcedPerspective Screenshot
ForcedPerspective by Dale Marks (
Hackt Screenshot
Hackt by P. I. Julius (
KristallGolem Screenshot
KristallGolem by P. I. Julius (
Manufactured Screenshot
Manufactured by Mark Daniel Reidel (
Mellow Screenshot
Mellow by P. I. Julius (
MetalClasp Screenshot
MetalClasp by P. I. Julius (
MWM Screenshot
MWM by Joshua Swink
Nextish Screenshot
Nextish by P. I. Julius (
Photon Screenshot
Photon by P. I. Julius (
Pillage Screenshot
Pillage by P. I. Julius (
Quake Screenshot
Quake by P. I. Julius (
RedCorners Screenshot
RedCorners by Dale Marks (
Slimline Screenshot
Slimline by P. I. Julius (
Unbutton Screenshot
Unbutton by P. I. Julius (
Wasser Screenshot
Wasser by Florian octo Forster (
WhiteLine Screenshot
WhiteLine by Dale Marks (
xfce-p Screenshot
xfce-p by Mark Daniel Reidel (
Xpansion Screenshot
Xpansion by Dale Marks (
XpansionBlack Screenshot
XpansionBlack by Dale Marks (

Florian octo Forster <>
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